The first man competing for Sophie Monk's heart has been named. And he's been on TV before.

Right now Sophie Monk is hiding in a big house somewhere in Sydney and dating a plethora of potential love interests.

Yep, it’s almost The Bachelorette time and one of Monk’s potential chocolate bath companions has just been revealed – and you’ve definitely seen him before.

According to The Saturday Telegraphmillionaire businessman Stu Laundy was spotted going on a group date with Monk and her legion of love interests in Sydney’s St Ives on Thursday.

sophie monk first bachelor
Stu Laundy (far right) appeared on Filthy Rich and Homeless. Image via SBS.

Far from the down-to-earth bogan Sophie (and the rest of Australia) ordered - Laundy is the son of pub owner Arthur Laundy and the heir to his $500 million fortune.

So, you know, just a teeny tiny bit rich.

The 44-year-old also recently graced our screens on SBS's Filthy Rich and Homelesswhere he slept rough for 10 nights so he could experience what it's like being homeless.

Sophie Monk is the new Bachelorette. Post continues...

And apparently this is not the first time Monk's met Laundy.

The Saturday Telegraph reports Laundy met Monk briefly last year and set up a date on his yacht - which later fell through.

According to a "friend" when Monk lifted the age limit from 35 to 45, Laundy decided to take part in the show.

Channel Ten refused to confirm or deny Laundy's appearance on the show when The Saturday Telegraph reached out to them.

We honestly can't wait to see how this all pans out.

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