Woke up like this? Sophie Monk's beauty disaster.

Images via Instagram

Falling asleep during a beauty treatment has happened to the best of us, and 2DayFM radio presenter Sophie Monk is no exception.

The 34-year-old uploaded a photo of her new darker brows after falling asleep during an at-home eyebrow tint. Well, we’re presuming it was an at-home brow tint, otherwise that therapist has been fired.

“This product is basically perfect brows in a can”

Monk compared her new brows to Agro of Agro’s Cartoon Connection – the 90s kids show puppet with a killer monobrow.

“Unless Agro’s back in fashion DON’T sleep through an eyebrow tint,” Monk tweeted. Even though Sophie Monk #wokeuplikethis, we think her accidental brows are more Cara Delevingne than cartoon.

Also, we don't mean to be conspiracy theorists or anything, but the photo (below) from Monk's account four days ago reveals a lot less eyebrow hair. Is it..? Did she..? Are they eyebrow implants...?

Sophie Monk celebrating with 2DayFM colleagues two days before the eyebrow mishap.

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Have you ever fallen asleep during a beauty treatment?