Of course, Sophie Monk has the perfect 'bogan' baby name picked out for her future baby.

It’s barely been a week since Sophie made her final choice on The Bachelorette and the baby rumours are already beginning to swirl.

Which is particularly odd, given her chosen suitor – 44-year-old millionaire Stu Laundy – revealed he’s had a vasectomy during the final stages of the show.

Nonetheless, Sophie and her new man told Woman’s Day the prospect of us all hearing the pitter patter of little feet in the future was “very possible”.

In an interview with the magazine, Stu – already a dad to four girls – said he’d be more than happy to add a son to the mix.


“I wouldn’t be disappointed if I had another girl, but I’d love to have a boy,” Stu said.

Sophie said she wanted a boy because “I know how hard it is being a girl”.

Plus, she said, she’s already got the perfect name picked out.

“I like the name Diesel,” she said.

It’s… it’s certainly a fitting name for Australia’s most beloved self-confessed bogan.

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In the same interview, the pair also hinted that we may not get the dream Bachelorette wedding we’ve always wanted, saying they’d much rather elope.

“I’d prefer to elope rather than stay in Australia. And I’d want it to be low-key,” Sophie told the magazine.

“I just want to have a big party and for everyone to enjoy themselves.”

The interview comes just as rumours that the pair are no longer an item continue to plague the couple.

Various media personalities have been speaking about the pair’s body language since the finale aired on Australian television last week.

It appears this interview – and a hilarious appearance on Channel Ten’s Have You Been Paying Attention? last night – may silence the critics.