The partner of pregnant breastfeeding blogger Sophie Rose has been charged over her death.

The boyfriend of British woman Sophie Emma Rose Anderson has been charged with reckless driving causing death after the pregnant blogger was killed in Thailand earlier this month.

Danny Glass was driving a scooter and Anderson, 41, was his passenger when the 29-year-old pulled out in front of a truck to get around a car in the motorbike lane.

The truck collided with the scooter, leaving Anderson fatally injured, while Glass walked away from the crash with only minor injuries.

Sophie was six-months pregnant at the time of her death. (Image via Instagram.)

Anderson is best known for promoting the benefits of breastfeeding older children and made headlines when she shared videos of herself breastfeeding her son when he was four years old last year.

She was six-months pregnant with Glass' baby at the time of her death.

Glass will face a Thai court later this year, The Sun reports. The Thai lorry driver has also been charged with the same offence.

Sophie and Danny lived in Thailand together. (Image via Instagram.)

Thai police officer Sanit Nookong said both men were being held responsible for her death.

"Right now, the investigation is not yet closed because we are still waiting for the autopsy to be released. Then they will go to court," he said.

Glass previously expressed his grief at the death of his partner in a recent YouTube video. In the video, he said a car broke sharply in front of his scooter and so he broke then drove around it.