EXCLUSIVE: The Young Mummy has one big pregnancy regret. 'It was a nightmare'.

Ah, hindsight. It’s a beautiful thing. Just ask The Young Mummy’s Sophie Cachia, who at just 32 weeks along with her second baby is already having pregnancy regret.

Speaking exclusively to Mamamia from her baby shower on Thursday, the 26-year-old said her recent move from Adelaide to Melbourne was “a nightmare,” warning women everywhere, “Never move house while you’re pregnant, and don’t try and move interstate when you’re pregnant either.”

The Young Mummy baby shower
Sophie Cachia at her baby shower. Source: supplied.

“That was possibly the worst thing we’ve ever done,” she continued, admitting, “I’m still tired.”

Moving with husband Jaryd and two-year-old son Bobby, Cachia says that while returning to her hometown of Melbourne has ultimately made the growing family’s life easier in the long-term and is more amenable to the couple’s respective careers, making it all happen while 20 weeks pregnant was not without its challenges.

Sophie, Jaryd and Bobby Cachia. Source: Instagram.


“It was only from Adelaide, but the packing, the organisation and everything that goes into moving a house was a nightmare. Doing that at 20 weeks pregnant with a two-year-old wasn’t a good idea, but I’m glad to be home.”

During the interview, Cachia also admitted that breaking down the stereotype of the perfect mother is something that’s important to her, explaining, “I think women put that pressure on themselves. And whilst people say you shouldn’t do that, I think it’s inevitable because every mum’s going to want the best for their kid."

The Young Mummy's Sophie Cachia. Source: Instagram.

"But I’m okay with stuffing up along the way and that’s why I project that on my social media,” she continued, adding finally, “I’m okay with the ups and the downs and I’m never afraid to show that because that’s real life and that’s what happens."

Sophie Cachia's baby shower was held as a fundraiser for the St Kilda Mums - an organisation helping new mothers in need of assistance. You can find out more about the organisation or make a donation here