“I have orange hair and I like it.” We’re loving Sophie Cachia’s latest hair change.

Spring is here. Which means we’re all scrambling to do two things.

1) Quickly cover our toenails in a bright shade that will erase all signs of yellow. (Or is that just me?)

2) Rush to the hairdresser to try something FRESH and NEW.

Sophie Cachia, AKA The Young Mummy, has tackled the spring hair change phase head on. On Snapchat, she shared her latest visit to the salon.

The colour scheme she decided on? Lovely, warm, vibrant orange.

Image: Snapchat/@SophieJane.

After some time spent in the chair looking “alien” in foils, the mother of one, who’s due to give birth to her second child next year, gave us a look at her new ‘do.

Image: Snapchat/@SophieJane.

“I have orange hair and I like it,” she captioned the image.

We like it too, Soph. A lot. Even without the addition of the Snapchat butterfly crown filter.

Image: Snapchat/@SophieJane.

If there’s anything we can learn from this delightful change, it’s that spring is the perfect time to try something different.

If all else fails, aim for a bright nail polish.