Sophie Cachia has undergone a dreamy hair transformation.

BIG IMPORTANT HAIR NEWS PEOPLE: Sophie Cachia – AKA everyone’s favourite blogger The Young Mummy – has changed up her ‘do, going the dreamiest colour of red.

“RED! On fire thanks to my girl @marthabodahaircutters @bodahaircutters,” the mum-of-two captioned her latest Instagram picture of her long, flaming tresses.

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We’ve gotta admit, the warm hues are the perfect nod to the start of Autumn on Wednesday.

The 26-year-old toyed with the idea of chopping her hair off at the chin when temperatures sky rocketed on Monday.


“This weather makes me want to cut my hair so bad, but every time I cut my locks, I want them back straight away again,” Sophie told her thousands of Snapchat followers.

GurlzDay. @bodahaircutters

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The writer and social media influencer, who hails from Melbourne, is married to longtime partner Jaryd Cachia. Together the pair have a two-year-old son, Bobby, and six-week-old daughter, Florence (or Flossy).

We’re loving the new look, Sophie!