Sonny Blake reveals what dad Hamish is really like when no one is watching.

Sonny Blake is only two years old but he has already started spilling the beans on what it is like to be the son of two Aussie icons.

The adorable toddler, who is the son of radio host Hamish Blake and author and beauty guru Zoe Foster Blake, is not afraid to reveal one of the most intimate details of his father’s private life — his flatulence habits.

Yes, you read that right.

Hamish Blake shared a video on his Instagram of Sonny playing with a toy horn that makes, well, fart sounds.

In the video, Sonny giggles when he hears the sounds and exclaims: “Like Daddy!”

“What?” Blake is heard asking with mock surprise. “That’s slander!”

“I could sue you for that.”

“Oh,” Sonny replies.

“I won’t,” Blake assures his son.

Sonny Blake when he visited his Dad at work. Image via Instagram (@hamishblakeshotz)

You've got to love toddlers and their absolute honesty!

Blake jokingly tried to convince followers of his innocence in the video's caption.

"Kids make the craziest associations sometimes between noises and people that have zero real world relevance," Blake wrote.

Fans of The Hamish and Andy Show would probably be quick to believe Sonny's revelation because Hamish and Andy often joke about, ahem, passing wind at work.

Judging by Sonny's giggles, he just might have inherited his dad's sense of humour.

We cannot wait to hear more of the Foster Blake family secrets as Sonny continues to extend his vocabulary.

Feature Image via Instagram @zotheysay.