Hamish and Zoe Foster Blake have taken Sonny to the snow, with adorable results.

I think by now we’ve reached the consensus that Sonny Blake is pretty much the cutest toddler to ever grace the planet Earth, so let’s dispense with formalities.

I’ll just give you the basics: Hamish Blake. Zoe Foster Blake. Sonny Blake. Snow holiday. Smiles. Collective hearts exploding.

To illustrate my point:

What a holiday… Fiji is the best!!! ????

A video posted by ZOË FOSTER BLAKE! (@zotheysay) on Sep 22, 2016 at 1:01am PDT

Yes, that’s Sonny sliding down a hill with an expression of pure glee.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Hamish posted a photo of Sonny quenching his thirst on the slopes (or in the car park. Same difference).

“As an Alpine Rescue Specialist there is nothing more satisfying in my job than finding someone right on the brink of dehydration and being able to give them precious sips of life saving water,” the radio host captioned the shot.


Well, it’s official. This is the greatest ski trip of all time, and everyone else can just go home now.

Want more Sonny Blake? Watch him give dad Hamish Blake a Fathers’ Day present.

Video via Instagram
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