Sonia Kruger's hair stylist whipped out the scissors minutes before The Voice started.

You know how before you get a haircut and you can spend hours deliberating over what you want?

Just a trim this time, or something revolutionary? Maybe I could just go ahead and dye it blue?

Well, Sonia Kruger had no chance to think about it when her hair stylist whipped out the scissors just before she was about to host The Voice.

In a hilarious video posted to Instagram, the TV host shows the haphazard trimming and chopping that took place behind the scenes.

You can see the chaos in her eyes. 

"Mia?," Kruger says to her stylist, kind of laughing in that way where she doesn't know whether to be concerned or take it as a joke. "Is now the time for a haircut?"

Despite Kruger's slightly concerned question, Mia shakes it off saying, "Well, when else would you do it?"

Yes, when else would you do it?

After some more trimming, Kruger looks around and asks the dreaded question, "How long till we start?"

There're a couple of murmurs until poor Simone is brave enough to say, "15 minutes."

Ah, nothing better than having a quick haircut 15 minutes before you step onto national television.

Luckily, they were all able to laugh it off (but in that I'm-pretending-to-be-chill-but-I'm-not-really-chill way).

Check out some more shots of Sonia behind the scenes of The Voice. Images via Instagram