FLUFF: Congratulations to Sonia Kruger!

Sonia Kruger is expecting her first child.

The 48-year-old Mornings and Big Brother host tweeted:


Kruger has been with partner TV executive Craig McPherson for five years, following the end of her six-year marriage to English businessman James Davies.

She has openly spoken about the couple’s struggle with IVF, telling Australian Women’s Weekly back in 2012 that she and McPherson “did conceive naturally several times and [she] miscarried on a couple of occasions.”

“We tried IVF and it wasn’t successful. The doctors were very clear with me too, that for women over the age of 45, which was the age we attempted IVF, the success rate is zero,” she said.

“You still believe it can happen, and you see stories, and you think maybe that can happen for us, but the odds are definitely very slim.”

Kruger will share the story behind her baby miracle in the September issue of the Australian Women’s Weekly, which hits stands this Thursday.

Congratulations! We can’t wait to see Tina Sparkle’s kid out on the junior ballroom dancing circuit.

(No, seriously. We really can’t.)