Sonia Kruger, for the second time, you're beautiful.

Everyone but Sonia thinks she looks gorgeous pregnant.

Sonia Kruger, 49, is reaching the final few weeks before her precious first bub makes their entrance.

And like many expectant mums, Sonia isn’t feeling as sexy as she looks.

The Big Brother host, who has the most amazing maternity wardrobe since Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George, had this to say about her pregnancy body:

“Let me describe what I’m wearing: a faded black T-shirt, which is a bit short and doesn’t quite fit over my substantial bump, teamed with a shirred floral skirt and a pair of thongs,” Sonia told Who magazine.

“I look like Norm from the Life Be In It ads. Seriously! I walked out the front gate the other day, saw a paparazz[o] in the street so I turned around and went back in.”

In case you are struggling to remember Norm, this is him.

And this is Sonia three weeks ago:

Via Sonia's Instagram

No comparison.

This is not the first time Sonia has spoken about her pregnancy weight negatively. Earlier this year, on Big Brother, Sonia turned side-on, looked straight at the camera and said, “Does this dress make me look fat?” whilst rubbing her pregnant belly.

So we feel we need to make our point again. 

This is Norm:

This is Sonia four weeks ago:

Via Sonia's Instagram

Radiantly gorgeous.

So Sonia, stop dissing your pregnancy belly. We know it's uncomfortable. We know you get to that point of being over having a basketball belly. We know that.

But you are so incredibly gorgeous. You are not Norm.

Earlier this year, Sonia announced her pregnancy through IVF (with the assistance of a friend's egg) and is expecting a girl with partner Craig McPherson due in January.


What do you think of Sonia's maternity fashion throughout her pregnancy? 

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