'As a mother, I will tell my children that Sonia Kruger and Andrew Bolt are wrong.'

Earlier today, while appearing on The Today Show, Sonia Kruger spoke about Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt’s most recent column, which attributed the rise of terror attacks in France to their intake of Muslim immigrants.

“I think Andrew Bolt has a point here… there is a correlation between the number of people in a country who are Muslim, and the number of terrorist attacks,” she said.

The backlash was immediate, and in the afternoon, Kruger tweeted a defence of her statements, suggesting that, as a mother, it’s vital to discuss these issues.

She’s right. We should be able to discuss them, and as a mother myself,  I have something to say.

As a mother, I see acts of terrorism and they worry me. I can’t help but think of my children, what their future will be like and the world that they will live in.

As a mother, I want them to live in peace and without fear.

As a mother, racism is what really worries me. Because it’s racism that breeds hatred, and hatred that breeds terrorism.

As a mother, I want my children to grow up and welcome people into their hearts and homes, and I want them to be welcomed into the hearts and homes of all people across the world.

As a mother, my heart breaks for the young men and women who feel isolated and targeted in this world.

As a mother, I want to make sure the community has not inadvertently contributed to the radicalisation of young people, from any race, creed or belief

As a mother, I’m appalled that people use their role as a parent to justify their sexism, racism, homophobia and ageism.


As a mother, particularly as the mother of young children, I have learned not to be so quick to judge, to give others the benefit of the doubt.

As a mother, I can’t imagine a world where it’s okay to announce that our views have some kind of special status because we fulfilled a biological and evolutionary imperative to procreate.

As a mother, I’m disappointed that Sonia Kruger has used our common experience to isolate and judge others.

As a mother, I’m saddened that Sonia Kruger used her public profile to give the views of extremists like Andrew Bolt legitimacy.

As a mother, I believe I have a role to play in fighting racism.

As a mother, I will tell my children that racism is wrong and that isolating communities of people because of the evil of a few is reprehensible.

As a mother, I will tell my children that Sonia Kruger and Andrew Bolt are wrong.

As a mother, I will tell them that extremists in any form are dangerous people.

As a mother, I will tell them that there are extremists to be found in every group of people, Christian, Muslim, Nationalist, Facist, Communist.

As a mother, I will set the example.

As a mother, I will show my children how to share our world with all others.