Sonia Kruger 'stranded' by her famous TV mates.

Days after calling for the closure of Australian borders to Muslim people entering Australia, television presenter Sonia Kruger has been left high and dry by her famous mates, with insiders from major Australian networks claiming they’ve received strict instructions to keep tight lipped over the 51-year-old’s controversial comments.

Sparking controversy on Monday’s episode of Channel 9’s Today Show while discussing the recent terror attack in Nice, the former Big Brother host said that, like columnist Andrew Bolt, she felt “there is a correlation between the number of people in a country who are Muslim, and the number of terrorist attacks.”

Sonia Kruger discussing Muslim immigration on the Today Show. Post continues… 

Video via Today Show

And while fellow Channel Nine presenter Syliva Jeffrey’s came to the defence of Kruger on Tuesday, orders have since been made for others to remain silent until the storm has passed.

Speaking to, one prominent Australian television presenter said, “Ten told me not to say anything on it,” with a former colleague of Kruger’s adding that commenting on the issue would be “unwise.”

sonia kruger muslim comments

Kruger on Today Extra with David Campbell. Source: Channel 9. 

Backlash to Kruger's comments began almost immediately, with many prominent media personalities sharing their thoughts throughout Monday and Tuesday.

Lawyer and writer Mariam Veiszadeh began, saying, “I think people in Sonia’s position need to understand the incredible platforms that have been afforded to them and the influence that they therefore have."

Even when raised on The Project as part of Waleed Aly's 'Something We Should Talk About' segment on Tuesday night, Kruger's comments - and the response she has received - were only mentioned briefly.


Waleed Aly's response to Kruger's comments. Post continues.... 

Video via The Project

Comedian Nazeem Hussain took to Facebook, writing, "Sonia Kruger wants to ban Muslim immigration. My cousin wants to visit. Should he pretend to be non-Muslim, or will her Muslim detector catch him?

"Also, since when did every racist have so many friends from the communities they shit on? Is this a new requirement of the modern racist?

"That she'll remain the host of two hugely popular shows on mainstream television after comfortably advocating for a ban on Muslims speaks volumes. She'd have been sacked immediately if it was any other group.

"I want a ban on racists who characterise my entire community as would be terrorists."

sonia kruger muslim comments

"I want to feel safe", Kruger said of closing Australian borders to Muslims. Photo: The Today Show.

Fellow Channel Nine presenter and radio host Matty Johns also shared his views, telling his Triple M listeners, “These really destructive individuals who are radicalising young Australians, they would’ve rejoiced at what Sonia said," continuing, “What it does, it feeds the narrative. They’ll use her words and say ‘see, look, this is what I told you … you don’t belong, but you belong with us’.”

Following 24 hours of extreme public backlash, Kruger followed up on her comments  on air on Tuesday morning's episode of Today Extra to address her critics and provide further context around her beliefs, explaining, "Last week’s attack on men, women and children in Nice left me in utter disbelief. I saw the image of a baby covered in a plastic sheet with a doll lying beside her and it rocked me to the very core. I imagined what that must have been like for the people of Nice, for the friends and families of the lost and the thought that it could happen here terrifies me."