Sonia Kruger: "My baby is not a 'miracle.'"



Onya, Sonia.

Sonia Kruger has corrected the Australian Women’s Weekly cover line that hailed her pregnancy as a ‘miracle’.

“It’s important to me to not mislead women out there as if it was some kind of miracle baby.”

The 49-year-old Big Brother host is pregnant for the first time, but it was not by coincidence. Sonia and her partner of five years Craig McPherson tried for years before Sonia finally announced her pregnancy this August, with the help of IVF and an egg donor.

“We tried IVF and it wasn’t successful. The doctors were very clear with me too, that for women over the age of 45, which was the age we attempted IVF, the success rate is zero,” she said in 2012.

She and Craig “did conceive naturally several times and miscarried on a couple of occasions”, but were finally able to announce a healthy pregnancy on Sonia’s social media. She shared her story with the Australian Women’s Weekly September issue, but was unhappy that they ran it under the headline ‘My Miracle Pregnancy’.


“It’s science, not a miracle… Unfortunately, that (headline) is really misleading to women.”

Sonia has always been refreshingly honest and open, and she wants to make sure the record is straight on IVF so that she can use her experience to help couples understand the process.

“I hate disappointing people. Coming from that side of the fence of being the person asking the questions I also want to be as honest and open as possible unless I feel there’s some danger in doing that.”

We couldn’t be more excited for Sonia and Craig, who are expecting a baby girl. We hope they have teeny tiny ballroom shoes ready.


Sonia: Always fabulous, always fun.