The 20 most popular running songs for December.


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Summer is officially here.

That means mangoes, the beach, shorts – and the perfect time to kick your butt into gear and get back into running. Or, well… start running.

You know those cool people who flash past in lycra and fluoro colours, seemingly not breaking a sweat but looking sporty-chic in the process?  That could be you.

The 20 most popular songs to get sweaty to

We know that, in reality, getting out of bed in the early morning can be tough, even if you running track is a beautiful beach. But we also know it’s a whole lot easier if you have some good tunes to push you along.

We trawled through the current Top 100 on iTunes, Spotify and the ARIA charts to come up with the best running playlist for December. Featuring the likes of Meghan Trainor, Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande, this playlist is just what you need to help motivate you on that last kilometre home. It’s got a mix of hip hop, pop and dance so whatever your mood is, there’s a beat to match it.

A safer way to run at night.

Just as a side note, unfortunately we couldn’t include Taylor Swift as her music is not available for download on Spotify. But aside from T-Swizzle, you know what also makes for a great run? Fun running shorts, like these ones from Aussie company Running Duds:

What songs are on your running playlist?