What to do when someone's all up in your grill about your resting bitch face.

Sure, smiling can be fun and all. But sometimes we just can’t be arsed to turn that frown upside down.

I mean, it’s Monday for god’s sake.

Just because we’re not beaming, it doesn’t mean we’re sad, angry or suffering an existential crisis.

We’re just chilling our cheekbones and pushing back those wrinkles for longer.

If you’re ever confronted when you're wearing this face, Mamamia Out Loud host Monique Bowley has the perfect solution for handling the matter.

Monique shares whatever’s on her mind in her weekly series Monz Musings.  To get the series first, sign up for our daily newsletter. Monday’s all about recovering from the weekend with a resting bitch face. Am I right.


Video Producer: Vicki Bobotis
Filmed and Edited by: Nia Nguyen