Someone made a life-size cake of Prince George. And it's terrifying.

Do you love the Royal Family? No, seriously. Do you love them so much you’d eat their first-born child?

That appears to be the question posed by English baker Lara Mason, who created this masterpiece for the Cake International Competition in Birmingham this year.

The cake won a gold medal. Reports are unconfirmed that judges felt compelled to make a sacrifice to the Cake Baby in exchange for their lives.

It's okay, we're all thinking it: That cake is the most terrifying thing you've ever seen and you're now afraid to sleep at night.

Possibly more frightening are photos of the cake during construction, which appear to belong to an instructional booklet on "Killer Pastries: How To Create Murderous Cake In The Shape Of Your Youngest Monarch".

Yes, the cake does have a brain.

Yes, he is watching you.

Yes, you're allowed to crawl up into a ball and hide until the cake had destroyed us all.