Somehow? I can't imagine Carrie carrying one of these in her Fendi clutch.


Poopourri 4 Ounce Bottle

I didn’t know whether to gag or giggle when a press release for Poo-Pourri landed in my inbox. Here’s the sell:

“You know the scene, it’s Friday night and you’re at a swanky new lounge with friends.  A couple drinks in, you need to visit the loo (that Thai takeout you had for lunch is starting to kick) – only to find that it’s a unisex situation. Luckily you have Poo~Pourri, so the young Brad Pitt look-a-like in line behind you will never know!” Poo-Pouri is the “before-you-go” bathroom spray made with essential oils and “formulated to prevent rather than mask, embarrassing odors.”

Apparently, you spray it on the toilet water surface and it ‘traps’
and “blocks’ unpleasant smells. You’ll be delighted to learn “it comes
in original Poo-Pourri (a lemony scent), No. 2 (a fruity floral), and
Royal Flush (a masculine scent with eucalyptus and spearmint).  Ideal
for work, travel, home, anywhere!” Until it falls out of your handbag.
That would be awkward.

The website is here if you’re interested….
Local sales: [email protected]

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