Help us remember that the world can be a beautiful place.


There have been some truly harrowing stories in the news lately; enough to make a person feel like evil and sadness are taking over.

We get that, we really do. We cover some excruciatingly sad stories each day. And does feel like there are more than ever. Of course it’s important to know what’s happening in the world, of course it’s great to follow the news.

But sometimes you need a reprieve from all of that. You need to zone in on the loveliness.

Yesterday on ABC 702, Richard Glover did the most delightful segment on his radio show, where he asked people to help him feel like the world is a good place again. We’re so enchanted by that idea, we’ve decided to continue that here.

To start, everyone in the office this afternoon contributed the last photo that made them smile. Please, add yours in the comments or pop them on Instagram and tag @mamamiaaus with the hashtag #MMsmile. 


And here, a series of moments that prove that humans can be kind.

Please, add yours in the comments or share them on twitter with @mamamia and the hashtag #MMsmile.

DIMITY: A man swiped his bus pass twice for me the other day because I only had coins and they only accepted tickets. He refused to take my coins and said “do it for someone else one day.”

3pm snacks made us happy.

LUCY: A few weeks ago I changed coffee shops. Yesterday the man who takes mymoney recognised that I’d never had a coffee card. So he took one off the pile and hole punched 8 spots and handed it to me with my change.

TEGAN: The extraordinary generosity of people who helped me pull off my then 12 week old son’s Christening after I’d had to have surgery 9 days prior. I’ve been eating left over slice for two weeks, and every bite reminds me of the kind and much needed help. 



SARAH: When I was younger I saw a man drop $2 in the grocery store. I picked it up and chased him so I could give it back to him. 10 minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was the man with a giant freddo frog. My eyes lit up – he said “thank you for being so honest,” and gave me the big freddo frog. It made my day.

MEG: My happiest memory is meeting two small children on the streets in rural Indonesia who had never seen a camera before. They were so excited and they begged me to take their picture, which I did. They thought it was the funniest thing and couldn’t stop laughing. It makes me grateful to think about the simple things we often take for granted.

Grace trying on this fake fringe made us happy.

LOU: After expressing my frustration at not being able to find an all-day car park in Paddington before I started work, I was wonderfully surprised to find a construction worker in the area had expressly reserved a car-park for me using construction materials when I returned after two hours to move my car.

AVI: When I was grabbing some lunch today, there was a guy and girl and the guy was clearly interested in the girl and trying his best to charm and flirt with her. Love still exists in a world of Tinder.

KATE: My tiny, 16-month-old nephew has been staying with me recently. When he cries, he only stops when his mum picks him up in her arms. But the other night, she was out and he was crying. I went in and picked him up, and because he’s come to know and love me now, he settled in my arms, rested his little head on my shoulder and went back to sleep. It was the most beautiful moment.


KAHLA: Back in my waitressing days, I was sitting at an outdoor table on my lunch break during a particularly stressful day. Out of nowhere I felt this tap on my shoulder, and there was this adorable boy who was probably about 4 years old. He handed me a flower (no idea where he pulled it from) and then ran back to his mum.

FRAN: My next door neighbour bringing me her freshly made traditional greek baklava at 6pm last night because she knows I love something sweet after dinner.

CECILIA: Just this morning (an eventful morning, obviously) I was on the train to work and a woman standing by the door fainted. I would hope this would happen every time, but it was still nice to see everyone around her (fellow commuters, but ultimately strangers) immediately come to her aid.

This tiny puppy in a cup made us happy.


KYLIE: I was at the airport last week with my 20month old, a pram, car seat, and three bags. I had at least 2 people come and carry my bags and help me check in. Good people reminding me the world is good x

ANDY: A bus driver stopped in the pouring rain to let five of us umbrella dwellers onto his bus, despite it being full. He asked all passengers to squeeze in and make room for everyone! 

MELISSA: The other night I stopped by my local corner store when I was walking home – it was about 11pm – and I was leaving the guy behind the counter told me to “please take care walking home”. It was such a little thing but really nice to feel like someone cares about girls walking home late.

YOUR TURN. When’s the last time someone did something that made you feel better about the world?