Is this the stress-free solution to flying with kids?

As the debate rages over budget airline Scoot's decision to include 'child free zones' on their flights, another airline has jumped in with what we think is a brilliant solution to the problem of traveling with children.

No parent wants their kids to disrupt other travellers but short of staying home and never going anywhere, it's going to happen. Instead of banning kids, how about airlines come up with solutions for our children who, at the end of the day, are paying customers just like the adults that are annoyed by them.

Enter - in-flight nannies.

Etihad Airlines has launched a dedicated in-flight child care service so families can enjoy long flights. Three hundred crew members have been trained to cater to the service. The majority of them are female with previous childcare experience.

The staff are being trained in child psychology and sociology. They'll be flying by the end of the year (and mums stampede to their local travel agency to book their flights!).

The airline says staff with assist families in any way they need such as filling up water bottles, getting snacks and entertaining children. They'll have amazing little packs filled with all sorts of arts and crafts and will be able to lead children through various fun activities.

Older children can go on a guided tour of the plane.

Travel expert Eileen Ogintz told the Huffington Post, “It could possibly be a game-changer. It’s just a really smart idea and especially if you’re going to have a parent who has more than one child or one parent has to take one child to the bathroom, or take care of one child."

Would you favour an airline that offers in-flight nannies?

Read about Singapore Airlines announcement that their budget carrier Scoot would be banning children from 'child free zones' here.

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