This is the best first dance at a celebrity wedding we've seen, ever.

Breaking down on the dance floor with your son to a choreographed dance? Perfection.

Solange Knowles (sister of Beyonce) married video director Alan Ferguson on Sunday, at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans.

The weekend-long celebrations began on Friday night, when the couple hosted a screening of Mahogany with Diana Ross, which Solange, 28, and Alan, 51, saw on their first date.

Solange and Alan.

So sentimental. So beautiful.

And the couple broke every rule in the wedding book.

Firstly, the couple arrived on vintage bicycles that had been spray-painted white.

No stretch limo, folks.

We love this jumpsuit she wore while riding the bike.

The bride wore a cape-like creation by Kenji, forfeiting the usual white-dress-cupcake-ensemble.

But we are in love with the result. Solange looks all-powerful.

Solange's mother, Tina Knowles.

The wedding party posed in military-style formation. No carnations to hold or boy-girl stances.

Who run the world? #Girls.

The wedding party.

And interestingly, Blue Ivy and Beyonce were front and centre with rapper husband/father Jay-Z.

Many were wondering if the infamous elevator violence at this year's Met Ball would mean a no-show for Beyonce's famous other half, but that wasn't the case.

All seems to be forgiven.

Alan, Julz and Jay-Z at the wedding.

But never mind all that.

Our favourite part of the festivities was when Solange danced with her son, Julez, to "No Flex Zone." Because in sync, matching hair styles and managing not to dirty pristine white outfits?


You HAVE to watch this:

Solange and Julez NO FLEX ZONE from Charlotte Hornsby on Vimeo.
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