Find it hard to settle? Your friends call you 'picky'? Then here's a post for you.

You can call me picky. But I know the truth.

I am a sampler.

If I go to dinner with a friend/boyfriend/family member/stranger, I will strongly encourage (read: force them) to order many dishes so that I can sample all of the food the restaurant has to offer.

Some call this excessive. I call this sharing.

The sampling is particularly apparent in my beverage choices. As it is less socially acceptable to share drinks, I will often order five different varieties of beverages when I’m out to suit my ever-changing palate and preferences.

You can whip up whatever you like at home.


This sampling method has done me well until now. It really has. But there are some significant flaws:

  1. I financially cannot maintain this life of luxury.
  2. I can only ever do this when I’m out, as it is far too much hassle purchasing five different kinds of drinks that will take up room in my fridge.

Just as an FYI, this post is an advertorial for SodaStream. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

Luckily, someone out there is looking out for me, as well as fellow samplers everywhere. They have invented the very clever device that is the SodaStream.

Soda Stream mixes.


SodaStream have catered to the picky people samplers out there, providing over 40 delightfully different flavours from which we can pick and choose from as our palates desire.

As an added bonus, these flavours are healthier than the 5+ drinks I was ordering when out, with 70% less sugar and calories than your average soft drink brands. Health professionals have told me this is particularly important when drinking your sparkling waters in bulk, like me.

Another benefit of this cunning device is that each drink is only 40 cents a litre for sparkling water. 40. Cents. That is cheaper than… well everything. Literally everything.

Just add fresh fruit.


To summarise, these drinks are better for you, and catered to you. Tick and deliciously, sampler-friendly tick.

“But”, I hear you protest, “I am the very sample-iest of the samplers! I must sample all of the things that you could ever sample! These samples do not provide nearly enough samples for the likes of me!”

Well my difficult friend, you’re in luck. You can also create some ingenious cocktail combinations yourself from their recipe ideas, or choose your favourite fruits, herbs, lemons and/or limes to mix with the sparkling water you create.

Cheers to variety.


You can even mix a number of these flavours together to create a Super-Drink (superhero cape to accompany Super-Drink is optional). Every aspect of your sampling nature is catered for.

Unfortunately, as with all good things, there is a downside.

My local café has gone out of business. In fact my current lack of sampling as a result of this wonder-machine will be bad news for beverage companies across Australia.

I would apologise, but as always my taste-buds have overruled my brain and I can only gloat to everyone about this new and excellent discovery.

Fellow samplers, take note.


Leading the market in technological advancements and quality products, the SodaStream system enables users to carbonate water, add flavour, and enjoy better-for-you soda water or flavoured sparkling water at home, just the way they like it. SodaStream is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of home carbonation systems with Drinks Makers being sold in over 60,000 retail stores, in 45 countries worldwide.

Today, SodaStream is leading a revolution against bottled and canned beverages, providing consumers with better-for-you and better-for-the-planet alternatives to store bought drinks.

SodaStream – make water exciting with SMART. SIMPLE. BUBBLES.