Social media is in danger of ruining your holiday. Don't let it.


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The thing about the internet is that it is full of lies. It is misleading.

But for some reason, because we’re reading about it from a screen, we tend to believe it – even though if someone told you about it to your face, you’d call bullshit. Trust me, I’m speaking to you from the internet right now…

There is nothing more misleading than social media and it can really mess you up.

So here are 7 things to remember if what you see on social media makes you feel bad these holidays:

1. No one is as good-looking in real life as they are on social media.

I use a profile pic that is almost 5 years old. I’m wearing a hat, sunglasses and a scarf. I don’t look like that now. I’m not sure I even looked like that then.

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People post flattering pictures of themselves – which is great for them. Never compare yourself to pictures that other people post on social media. Actually, never compare yourself to other people. No good will come of it.

2. No one is as bad-looking in real life as they are on social media.

When someone posts a pic of you on social media and your mind says, “Is that what I really look like?”, the answer is, “No”. That’s not what you look like in real life. You are warm-bodied and three-dimensional and always moving. You look great. Forget about it.

3. No one is having a better time than you.

It’s easy to look at other people’s pictures and think: geez, they’re having such a rad time at that party. In all seriousness, if they were having such a great time, they probably wouldn’t have the time to Instagram it.


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4. No one’s kids are better behaved than yours.

They are not cuter. They are not more accomplished. It took a million takes and six icecreams to get that one perfect shot.

5. Your ex’s new partner is not better looking than you.

They are not smarter. Nor are they uglier or stupider or meaner. Stop for a moment and consider what it must be like for them to be the girlfriend/wife/boyf/husband after you? They’re feeling more insecure than you, I guarantee it. In which case it’s easy to be gracious. Good for them.

6. No one has a better holiday than you.

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Sure, they may go to exotic locales, but remember: on tropical islands, you can’t have ice in your drinks because you might get gastro (or worse). No ice? As if. Make yourself a cold drink and feel smug about the fact you don’t need to worry about getting the trots.

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7. Nothing is you see on social media is real.

It’s sanitised, filtered and curated. Don’t let fake things make you sad. A final example:

This is the kind of picture of my dog that I put on social media:

This is what my dog really looks like:

See? The internet is filled with lies. Now, let’s all go and eat some rum balls.

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