Want all the taste of chocolate without the calories? Snort it, says Chocolatier.

So apparently, snorting chocolate up your nose for kicks, is now a “thing”. A trend. A fad. Something people are actually doing.

According to recent reports at the Daily Dot, Dominique Persoone, a Belgium chocolate maker started the trend of ‘sniffing chocolate’ when catering a surprise party for The Rolling Stones back in 2007. Ah those crazy Rock Gods. Let’s just allow that mental picture – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards et al….racking up lines of…..what, cocoa? Cocoa powder? Ground up Smarties?

Pretty much (except for the Smarties – all those spikey shells would hurt). And it gets better.

Persoone has now, as a result of the growing popularity of chocolate snorting, invented an apparatus that propels the chocolate up the nose for a faster ‘fix’.

The chocolate maker Dominique Persoone with his chocolate sniffing invention

After some trial and error, Persoone finally perfected his chocolate powder mix by adding mint and ginger “to give it smoother entry up the nose”. He then, as the video below demonstrates, propels by a portable catapult device, uniquely designed by Persoone himself, the chocolate flakes up into his nostrils. After inhaling the powdered mix, Persoone is rather pleased with the immediate effects, telling us “it goes into your brain and stays there for like, 15 minutes”.

Watch Dominique explain the chocolate 'shooter' below. Post continues after video.

Video via IBTimes UK

After liaising with, Dr. Jordan Josephson, and Ear Nose and Throat specialist at Lenox Hill hospital in New York, the writers at Live Science however, are advising the devotees of this peculiar new trend against snorting not only chocolate, but ANYTHING up their noses for recreational purposes, saying “putting any foreign bodies (up the nose) - including smoke, cocaine and/or chocolate powder, is not safe and not advised"

Write that down in case you forget, OK? Do. Not. Put. Things. Up. Your. Nose.

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And you just know the kind of people who are partaking in this kind of thing aren’t snorting the chocolate powder off the back of filthy toilet seats in questionable nightclubs through rolled up $5 bills. Oh no, like the good hipsters that they are, they’ll be lining up their cacao tins on wooden wine barrels carefully holding back their beards and man buns so as to not get them dirty.

Seriously though, I would forgive you for thinking that this is an April Fool’s Day joke but alas, not only is this bizarre trend of snorting chocolate up your nose real, it gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘Nose Candy