New Snickers ad tries to be feminist. Fails. And insults tradies in the process.

So here’s the new ad for Snickers.

It’s one of those “You’re not you when you’re hungry” ads, and it opens with the question “What happens when builders aren’t themselves?”

Then, a bunch of builders holler at women on the street as they walk by. But because this is an ad and it’s meant to make you laugh/think/buy chocolate, the builders yell out messages of female empowerment, rather than offensive messages of objectification (as they are often/always depicted doing in the media).

It’s one of those “I thought they were going to say one thing but then they said a different thing and that’s why it’s funny!” type of jokes.

And it is pretty funny. Take a look:

Ok. Ok. So. It’s funny. And really fist-pumpy. Equality! Feminism! Not being judged on your appearance alone! So, so great. Right up until the last moment, when you see this:

Oh. Buzzkill.

It’s at that moment you remember that this whole ad is about ‘what builders do when they’re *not* themselves’.

So… The only reason the builders were treating those women with respect is because they were hungry?


Is that not saying, by default, that when each of those men eats a Snickers, they’ll turn into the opposite of lovely feminists? So… Misogynistic jerks?

Please bear with me, I’m trying to understand this… Eating a Snickers turns you back into yourself, which is a builder/misogynistic pervert? (And since when are all builders misogynistic perverts?)

I don’t get it.

How did this ad, presumably intended to confront sexism, miss the mark in such an epic way?

Seriously – all this ad makes me want to do is knock the Snickers out of the hands of every man I know to stop him from turning into a sexist knobcloud.

Oh Snickers.

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