Snezana's latest Instagram snap looks innocent, but her followers are furious.

Uh oh.

One second, Snezana Markoski is being crowned winner of The Bachelor 2015 (and Sam Wood’s heart), the next her many fans are positively FUMING about her Instagram account.

Her latest transgression? She posts too many ads. But they’re not just any ol’ ads, they’re top secret ads.

… Apparently. Well, maybe. It’s actually not really clear.

To the untrained eye the below snap of Snezana seems fairly innocent. But NO, the die-hard anti-consumerists say, this is all a ploy to make us buy product X, which Snezana has been paid coin to promote.

While it’s not quite clear if the post is sponsored or not (social media butterflies tell me standard etiquette is to use the hashtag #ad or #sponsored) the fans are NOT BACKING DOWN.


They’re blowing this case wiiiiiiiiiide open. Like the MacGyver’s of Instagram and luxury hand wash, I guess.


Wait, what? What sofa? 

These comments have since been deleted.


They say this isn't the first time Snezana has not disclosed that her sponsored posts are, well, sponsored. A rogue photo of her on a sofa bed has now been dragged into this minefield of #SocialMediaRulez, too.

It's all very serious and a big deal... apparently.

Does anyone else feel dizzy - or is that just me?

Hmm. We're going to cap this one off with some words of wisdom from this lass:

So true, random Instagram person. So true.

And to be perfectly honest, Snezana, we'd buy sliced ham from you even if you wore it as a hat.

Do with that what you will.

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Video via Instagram