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Snezana's high school yearbook reveals she's living her life-long dream.

“Show me the boy at 7, and I’ll show you the man” or in this case, “Show me the girl at 17…”

Snezana Markoski, 35, won the heart of The Bachelor‘s Sam Wood this year, and if they get married, well, she’ll have achieved a lifelong goal.

Back in 1998, the well-groomed glamourpuss we know and love was a 17-year-old in year 12 at Balcatta High whose musical tastes extended from Roxette to Aaliyah (may she rest in peace).

She had short dark hair, a slightly less delicate nose, and was known to her mates as Sneeze or Lizard.

The yearbook excerpts are in this week’s New Idea.

According to her year book entry, published by New Idea, she had one “aim/goal in life”.

“To find someone good enough and rich enough to marry.”

Horses for courses, I say. Sure, it may not be the most ambitious goal, but I probably wrote some lofty aspiration about writing the great Australian novel, and have I achieved it? NO!

Snezana looks quite different, but she’s the same girl. Image via Instagram.

Snez has been dogged in her pursuit of her objective, and followed it all the way to our screens — even as a single mother who could, perhaps, have given up on the idea of a white knight.

Now she’s with Sam Wood, 34, and the couple appear to be really rather happy.

The relationship with Wood actually fits with another of the teenage Snezana’s fondnesses: “younger boys”.

Here’s our gallery of the sickeningly in love couple…

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