Snezana posts a picture of herself eating a snack to Instagram. All hell breaks loose.

So processed cheese and tomato sauce are the devil now.

Snezana Markoski, 35, winner of season three of The Bachelor, posted a picture of herself to Instagram sandwiching tomato sauce between two Kraft singles.

“Kraft singles and tomato sauce! For a Aussie wog girl I can be such a bogan! #cravings #favsnacks” she wrote.

Snezana eating her gross snack. Disgusting, yes. Cause for righteous indignation? No.

The response to her posting about this innocent snack was akin to what you might expect from Snezana posting a picture taking a hit from the crack pipe.

The sheer self-righteous indignation is a wonder to behold.

“Because promoting foods that cause several diseases is the way to go, isn’t it?” wrote one.

“God bless the ignorance of those not educated in nutrition. Fair enough about a guilty pleasure, but with the number of followers one have, you gotta think twice about such post.”

Others speculated that Snezana could be the recipient of a lucrative cheese and tomato sauce promotional contract.

Finally, her man Sam Wood was compelled to step in on behalf of his lady-prize.

“Guys this isn’t a sponsored post. Snez is just a bogan that enjoys this ridiculous snack sometimes [smiley face emoji]. People need to relax,” he wrote.

Sam and Snez both got a bit uppity at the criticism. Image via Instagram.

Snezana also got a bit eye-roll-y.

“Computers and phones generate electromagnetic radiation which are potentially harmful and possible carcinogens. Is this not how you sent this message to me?” she countered.

“Shall we say that now you too are promoting unhealthy activities??”

Check mate, Insta-fools!

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