Snezana Markoski's classy reply to those not happy about her hair change.

Image: Getty.

Like most of us post-salon appointment, Snezana Markoski wanted to mark that “new hair” feeling with an Instagram post.

After asking for her followers advice earlier in the week about whether she should dye her hair lighter or darker (FYI, the general consensus was darker), The Bachelor winner shared the results, swapping her dark brown hair for a lighter auburn colour.

“Sometimes us mums are allowed to a little too,” she captioned the image. On cue: Out came the trolls.

Snez's new 'do. Image: Instagram (@snezanamarkoski)


Rather than, you know, just carrying on scrolling, some of her followers questioned her transformation.

"100 per cent dark is better", wrote lizzygs15, while debalegs said, "You are gorgeous but I think dark suits you better."

When she posted a second picture from a different angle, the commentary got even nastier quickly moving from her hair to other aspects of her appearance.  (Post continues after gallery.)


In since deleted comments, users accused Markoski of lying about having plastic surgery, to which she replied with a classy response.

"Thank you, I'm flattered and taking your comments as complements [sic]!," she wrote back.

No time for haters. Image: Instagram (@snezanamarkoski)


"I currently have no injectables in my face so if people think I do that's great!! SCORE!!! It means I don't need to actually get it done! Sending you guys only good vibes xx."

Haters -0. Snezana - 1.

For the record Snez? We love the new 'do.

What do you think of her new hair?