Snezana Markoski just launched a gorgeous new website. We're already obsessed.

Snezana Markoski, she of The Bachelor fame, has officially launched her very own website.

And unlike other celebrity websites — cough cough Blake Lively cough cough Gwyneth Paltrow-– it features affordable, not-too-crazy clothing women will actually want to wear.

The website, by Snezana, features home, fashion, lifestyle and charity sections and a soon-to-launch “shop” function.

It was created to cover “fashion, beauty and everything in-between that I adore,” 2015 The Bachelor winner Snez writes on the website.

While the tips it features aren’t exactly groundbreaking — we’ve read about the importance of a perfect little black dress before, for example — we love that the recommended clothes are closer to the $200 mark than the $2000 one.

A screenshot from the website, showing Snezana in a $220 dress (that we now immediately want to buy.)

Another refreshing factor: The mother-of-one often does her own hair, makeup and photography for the shoots featured on the site.


Her down-to-earth attitude even carries through to her captions.

"This photo was taken in my Baba and Dedo’s (grandma and grandpas) backyard, whilst receiving  ‘wtf is she doing' looks," Snez writes under one photo, clearly unafraid to make fun of herself. "Standard!"

(By the way... no we're not being paid by anyone to write this. We just kinda love Snez and her style.)

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In an effort to avoid the retouched glossiness that some celebrity websites tend to overdo, Snez's website's tagline is "raw and unpolished."

It's also littered with occasional punctuation and spelling mistakes because, as she openly admits: "You won’t find any ghost writing or Pulitzer prizes here. Just me, raw and unpolished. Grammatical errors and all."


Snezana's playful, down-to-earth attitude to fashion is at the heart of the website, she explains.

"I like to mix things up between high end designer labels and more affordable lines," the 36-year-old writes, describing her approach to style.

"To me fashion is not about the price tags and style isn’t bought with a credit card, its an extension of your inner self as you work with different pieces to tell your story."

Snez with her main man, Sam "The Bachelor" Wood, and her 10-year-old daughter Eve. (Photo: Instagram)

So whether you're seeking to "put a killer outfit together on a single Mum budget," as she puts it (although we don't know any mums, single or otherwise, who dress quite so well...) or simply to emulate some of the casual Aussie glamour that Snezana personifies, the site's probably worth a peek.

Or, you know, just click through the gallery above and try to absorb her style by osmosis.

Any other celebrity websites you'd like to share?