The Bachelor's Snez has something to say about current contender Alex.


She may have just moved in with her fiancè, Sam Wood, but last year’s Bachelor winner Snezana Markoski still makes time for one very important ritual: catching up on Richie’s quest for love.

In an interview with The Fix, Snezana revealed she still watches the popular show, despite knowing what goes on behind-the-scenes.

“It is quite funny watching it after you’ve been on the show. You’re watching it with different eyes, almost. But it’s refreshing not to see yourself on the TV,” she said.

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So does she have a favourite contestant? We’re so glad you asked, because OF COURSE she does. And it’s someone she has a surprising amount in common with: single mum Alex.

“I’m so happy that there’s another single mum. I don’t think that the fact that you have a child should be a black mark against your name,” she said.

alex the bachelor
Snezana has named Alex as her favourite in The Bachelor. Image via Chanel 10.

"It takes a lot for somebody to be on a show like that and leave your child, to be apart from their child, so you know that person is genuinely in it for the right reasons."

Flashback to the time Snezana told Sam about her daughter, Eve. Post continues after video.

The 2015 winner also admitted that the girls this year were "more vocal" than those she shared the spotlight with last year, but admits the show "has to be entertaining".

"I think they choose a lot of different personalities that might mesh well together, and some that won't to make a good show...Who's going to watch it if everyone's nice to each other? That's boring!"

Here's a reminder of who's still in the running for Richie's heart:

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