5 ways to make your hair look longer.



I recently had a haircut in which I walked away with longer (looking) hair. There were no extensions or wizards involved (I stopped going to Slinky Sam’s Magic Hair Emporium years ago, thank you), just a clever chap who knew that I was trying to grow my hair, and that the one-length style I’d had when it was short was not translating now that it was past shoulder-length.

Here’s what he did, and some other swift tricks to cheating long looking hair.

1. The haircut.

When you sit down, ask your cutter for – and try not to be offended when they giggle – a cut/trim that will make your hair look longer. Usually (as it was with mine) it means getting blended layers that will make your hair look… flowier as opposed to a flat, blunt style. Not all-over, 90s layers, just a bit of choppiness and cutting with some slightly shorter layers around the face, usually. This will not involve a one-length cut, so if that’s the style you’re after this isn’t for you. And do use hair masks/treatments and get trims every six weeks even if you’re on a megamission to get it long – split ends won’t add to lengthy lusciousness, they will stagnate and look lank and brittle.

2. The styling

Should you have ever had your hair curled or waved in salon by a clever person wielding some tongs or a styler, and spent the next few days wondering how come your hair looks longer than when you do it using the very same tools, I will tell you how: It’s the ends! It’s all in the ends. The pros will usually leave a few cm straight at the end of the waves and curls, which creates an optical illusion of the hair being longer. It’s easy to do at home, just leave a few cm out of your styler/tong clamp. Or, cheat, by going the ends of already curly/wavy hair with your styler and making them straight.


3. The part

A middle part will make your hair look longer. Which is a shame if your hair is teaming with cowlicks like mine, or just looks more flattering/is cut to a side part… But if you can spare a few minutes, blow dry the front section straight down over your face, and then take all of it over to each side of the face and blow dry it before finally creating a middle part, blow drying that and finally section-clipping (bobby pins leave dents) each side as low on your forehead as possible so the hair sets/cools into the part. Apply your makeup/shine your shoes/feed your goats then release the clips and enjoy.

4. The texture

Obviously straight hair looks longer than curly hair, but I tend to think the wave with the straight ends as detailed above makes hair look the longest of all. Add some beach spray to the mid-lengths, and hair powder at the roots for a bit of volume and movement.

5. Wear a wig.

Oh, and just on wigs… remember National Donate Your Hair week is coming up!

(Zoë Foster, winner of Ultimate Grand Supreme, Miss Subtlety Pageant 2012.)


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