There are two snakes in this photo. Can you spot them?

The very brave people behind Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 have issued a snake spotting challenge on their Facebook page.

They uploaded a photo of a cluttered room on Thursday, asking their followers to spot the snakes.

“Bonus points for species AND how many snakes there are,” they wrote.

They updated the post on Friday with the answer – there are two brown snakes in this photo. TWO. BROWN. SNAKES. The slippery little suckers are hiding in the rafters in the top right hand side of the photo.

Can you spot them?

While some people guessed the location of the snakes, others pointed out the many ‘snake-like’ items in the room.

Look, it’s truly terrifying.

It’s basically the room of our nightmares and good luck sleeping tonight, guys.

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