There's a snake hidden in this photo, and you probably won't find it.

It’s been a long time since an optical illusion last seized the internet.

Thankfully, a very sneaky snake has slithered into our lives with one agenda: to break our brains.

The well-camouflaged serpent comes to us via a Twitter user named Helen (@SssnakeySci), who shared the mind-boggling image with her users.

Now, we will give you a few minutes (ha!) ((maybe hours)) to find the snake in the leaves.

Do not scroll any further down until you have a. located said snake, or b. been driven to insanity through your fruitless search.

Got it? Wally snake watchers – over to you.






OK, are you really ready for this? Sure you don’t want to try again?

No? Your spirit is well and truly broken? Alrighty then, here’s the solution:

Once you see it, you can’t imagine not being able to see it…