Really, is snack-shaming a thing, now?

Would you have criticised this mum over her school snack choices?

Last night, our publisher Mia Freedman posted this Facebook photo of her last-minute dash to Woolies to buy school snacks for her kids:

I have to say, my first thought when I saw it was guilt over what I would have included, treats such as fun size Milky Ways, Roll Ups and giant non-organic red delicious apples.

But this wasn't a typical reaction to this post, according to comments like these:

These were just three of HUNDREDS of comments covering everything from the salt and sugar content of the foods, the environmental implications and on and on it went.

Who knew that snacks were so very controversial?

So, over to you. Do you stress about healthy snack choices?

While we're at it, CLICK THROUGH for some healthy snack choices for your kids, from nutritionist Susie Burrell:

Like this? Then try:

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