Your snack of choice tells me everything I need to know about you.

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Snack lovers, unite. I have some very important information for you. 

It's around 3pm, and you're feeling what your mum would describe as peckish. Your tummy is telling you, "Feed me" but your brain is telling you, "Don't ruin your dinner". You want to eat something small and tasty to get you through the next few hours or so.

Enter... the snack.

Snacks are a universal love language. They're loved by everyone, can completely change your mood and are the easiest thing to bring to a dinner party.

As someone who's a skilled snacker, I know my way around a pantry. I am almost (and I repeat... almost) certain that I know exactly the type of person you are depending on your snack of choice.

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This is based on factual, investigative research, so I will not hear otherwise.

Grab your snack of choice because we're about to get honest.

Harvest Snaps: You're a fitness fanatic. 

Okay, healthy girl, I see you! Your body is your temple, and when you found out that Harvest Snaps were made out of real peas, you decided to stock up in every flavour. Original Salted, Chilli, Wasabi, Salt & Vinegar and the new Sour Cream & Chives... you love them all and you can't get enough.

Harvest Snaps girlies are the cool girls who whip out their Harvest Snaps with their sparkling water wherever they go. There's no better sound than hearing a fresh packet being ripped open. 

You start to get nervous when you eat Harvest Snaps in public. Why? Oh, because you hate sharing. Unfortunately for you, all it takes is one crisp crunch to make heads turn.

Popcorn: Self-control comes naturally to you. 

If your snack of choice is popcorn, you have great self-control. You wanted something light that will hopefully fill you up enough before your dinner plans. You forget one key fault with this snack though: You don't choose popcorn... popcorn chooses you.

There is no self-control when it comes to the corn of pop; soon you're shovelling mouthfuls of the stuff into your gob as if you've never eaten before. You didn't even know your mouth could open that wide and yet here you are.


Eventually, your jaw starts to ache; the salt is burning the sides of your mouth that you unintentionally cut open. You must rest.

Chocolate: You're all or nothing. 

You take no prisoners with your snack game. You don't say, "I feel like a snack"; you scream, "I need chocolate ASAP". Soon, the terrified people around you scramble to find you a slab or a bar that you can chow down on. Once you're satisfied, you go about your day as if nothing happened. The people around will never recover from this moment.

Chocolate isn't a luxury; it's a tool.

Hot chips: You know exactly what you want. 

You take both life and your snack game pretty seriously. You never say "What do we have to eat?" or "I'll just find something in the fridge". You, my friend, are on a snack game mission. You scour corner stores and fast food joints to get your perfect hot chip. 

Your sense of direction is always on point because you just follow your nose to lead you to the greasy, salty goodness. 

Cheese and crackers: You enjoy the finer things.

You are living that nostalgic early 2000s dream. The cheese and cracker combo was a staple in your schooling days and has followed you through adulthood. You ignore your lactose intolerance diagnosis for this snack, even though you definitely should not be doing that.

When there's no pre-sliced cheese, you methodically cut a block into evenly-sliced squares to make sure that the cheese-to-cracker ratio is perfect. This isn't just snack time for you; it's a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Fruit: You've got your life together. 

If you're my mum and reading this article then... "Hi Mum, this one is me :)". If you're anyone else reading this... well then I'm pretty sure I'm talking to an empty room because there is no way that anyone actually chooses fruit as their number one snack of choice.


We've all made fools of ourselves when we were younger and said to our parents that we're hungry... only for them to reply with the suggestion of a piece of fruit. Still to this day, I don't know why they did me dirty like that.

Now, as adults, we know better. 

Fruit is never someone's snack of choice unless they have that very specific craving. You know the one I'm talking about. That fruit craving where you want something juicy yet also sweet, yet also nourishing, yet also tasty, yet also easy to eat.

I... I think I'm turning into a fruit person? Quick, someone get help! 

Tea and biccies: You're an old soul. 

You take pride in your snack game. It's not just an act to fill up your tummy; it's an act of self-care. You know exactly when your snack time is, which is why you're never in a rush to jam food down your throat like the rest of us heathens.

You take your time, waiting for the kettle to boil, placing three (or seven) biscuits on a plate and quietly sipping and munching away at a little table, thinking about how put together and well-adjusted you are.

We get it. You're better than the rest of us.

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Harvest Snaps
Harvest Snaps offer a range of healthy snacks without compromising on flavour. Made from real peas and available in a variety of flavours and pack sizes, Harvest Snaps are the perfect snack when you’re looking for something that’s full of flavour and nourishing for any time of day!