Ever wondered if your vagina smells ‘normal’? You’re not alone.

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There’s one topic that has Shelly Horton obsessed – and chances are, it’s something you’ve wondered about before.

The smell of your vagina can be an uncomfortable topic of conversation. Rumours abound about what’s healthy and what’s not, and most come from pretty dodgy sources. Many women – and a whole lot of men, for that matter – seem to believe that any smell at all is a sign that something’s wrong.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth – take it from Dr Ginni Mansberg, it’s not all lollipops and rose gardens down there.

Everyday vaginal odour is common, but certain things such as sweating during your workout, intimacy or getting your period can intensify this odour. Many of us think heading to the shower will resolve the issue. But, did you know that body wash and regular soaps are slightly alkaline and can throw off the pH balance of your vaginal area, which is more acidic and can actually lead to odour? Vagisil Fresh Plus Intimate Wash is the only intimate wash developed with an Odour Control Protection formula so that instead of masking the odour with fruity smells, it can actually help prevent vaginal odour from happening. Plus it is pH balanced and specifically designed to cleanse and refresh your vaginal area, leaving you feeling cleansed, fresh and confident every day. Try it yourself and see why 87% of Australian women would recommend Vagisil to their friends.*

*Based on study conducted by The Buchanan Group August 2015