Someone has invented a smart pram that basically does your parenting for you.

Does your pram only do the basics? You know, hold your child and move back and forward on wheels? How basic.

Enter the SmartBe Stroller. It basically does your parenting for you.

Marketing itself as the “first intelligent baby stroller of the new generation”, it claims to solve both parents’ and babies’ needs.

It allows the user to completely control the pram’s functions through an app on their smartphone or smartwatch.

Image: SmartBe

Features include a climatised carry cot, a feeding bottle warmer, an automatic rocking chair, automatic power folding, music, an electronic locker, an anti-theft sensor, a microphone and webcams.

And that's not even an exhaustive list. It can also drive itself.

The smart stroller was initially created for parents who wanted to jog or run with the pram. The frame adapts to the position required by runners, adjusting its centre of gravity to increase stability. It moves with you so you don't have to hold onto the handles and its four wheels easily adapt to rougher surfaces and paths.

However not everyone is impressed with the idea.

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"Or you could just push the stroller instead of standing right beside it, I mean that's pretty lazy when you can't even push the stroller," read one comment on a Facebook post about the product.

"Let's see how much more uninvolved we can get with our babies' care...," read one another. "Get off your phone and take care of your child!"

The designers used IndieGoGo to fund the patent-pending design, raising over US$90,000 or 102 per cent of its target in February last year. The website does not say where they are currently available to buy.

What do you think of the design? Good or bad idea?