Now you can watch your dog’s daily antics on your phone at work.

Telstra Smart Home
Thanks to our brand partner, Telstra Smart Home

You know her from years of articles on Mamamia. She’s told us stories about raising a son with autism, paying her teenage son $100 to do a household chore, and the cult of the Pregasaurus.

But when mother-of-three Jo Abi isn’t busy making you laugh, cry or do both at the same time, she’s running a household with her husband Henry and her kids: Philip, 12, Giovanni, 9 and Caterina, 7.

If Jo could be cloned, she would. So, when we asked her to trial Telstra Smart Home™, we wanted to see if it could make her life easier.  Telstra Smart Home lets you keep an eye on your home via an app, so you can see if you’ve left the iron on or if the kids arrived home safely from afar. It’s like a personal assistant to help you multi-task. Watch the video to see how Jo went.

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This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Telstra Smart Home™.