Artists build a teeny-weeny theme park for city's mice.

Ankle height fun parks might be easily missed but there is a new amusement park in Sweden that is worth a look.

A group of artists have created a tiny theme park in Malmo specifically for the city’s mice.

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Mice can ride the “jaws of horror” and try their luck on a mousetrap into an open-mouthed cat.

They can also play on the raffle wheel (“wheel of cheese”), the tea cups, and ride on the Ferris wheel.

The collective of artists’ row of tiny cheese shops went viral last year.

“As with our previous installation, the scenery was built for its own sake, in the hopes that pedestrians walking by would find the thing charming,” the artists’ spokesperson told Mamamia.

“We want to offer the community a little bit of childhood magic and we do it because we, ourselves, would have loved to stumble upon a small mice-scenery.”

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The group of artists say they intend to remain anonymous because they are not interested in personal public recognition.

Their works are inspired by the stories of author Astrid Lindgren along with Walt Disney and Don Bluth films.

“We believe that at some point most children like to imagine that there is a world parallel to ours where small animals live quite like we do, but using things that we have lost,” said the spokesperson.

The park is built from everyday items such as cups, lids, toothbrushes, popcorn, cans, egg cups, chewing gum, a matchboxes and soap.

“This scenery has more moveable parts compared to the previous one, so this has encouraged children to play with it in a way that the restaurant and shop did not,” the spokesperson said.

The installation has been up for just over a week and the artists hope the pieces will stay put for fun park tourists – whether they be mice or humans.

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