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NSFW: Men with tiny penises answer all your questions.

There’s a lot they want you to know.

I remember as a teenager I had a friend whose boyfriend had a tiny penis.

“I’m starving,” he announced as he entered the room one afternoon. “I only ate a sausage roll half the size of my dick today, so you can imagine.”

I could imagine, but she didn’t have to.



Many men have (self-assessed) ‘small’ penises. Some are embarrassed about it, some are indifferent about it and it turns out that some are damn proud of their teenie peens.

In fact, there is an entire online community dedicated to small penis-havers who get off on having their lack of inches ridiculed.

There’s even a name for the practice, it’s called ‘Small Penis Humilation’ or SPH for short (lols). There are also numerous websites, Reddit threads and a Tumblr where these men can post their pictures of their phalluses, just to have them publicly shamed.

(Warning: only click here if you’re ready to see some seriously little dicks.)


Over at Gawker, some budding young journalist tracked down four such men and asked them to reveal exactly what life was like lacking the bulge. (You can read the full interviews here.)

All of the men were straight(ish), married or in a stable, long-term relationship, a couple had kids and all of them had a fetish for having their junk degraded in some way.

But wait just one minute, how small are we talking here?

The men’s penises range from 4.5 inches long when erect (that’s a bit under 12cm) to the size of a small acorn or an iPod shuffle when flacid.


AKA, pretty small.

And all of them became aware of their short comings pretty early on in puberty.

“I first realized the difference in dick size before puberty,” Marc explains. (Just FYI, that’s not his real name)

“My dad used to take my older brother and I to play racquetball, and afterwards we would shower in the communal shower. I always felt awkward being naked with other guys, but my dad didn’t care, so I tried not to care.”

In case your wondering what the average penis size actually is, check-out this video from Mamamia TV (post continues afterwards):

Why did you get into SPH and what’s it like?

“Becoming comfortable with small penis humiliation has been a process for me that has taken years to develop,’ Marc says.

“For me, small penis humiliation fits in a larger scheme of dominance/submission. As I became sexually active, I was embarrassed about the size of my penis. I had a handful of times where I couldn’t get erect because of nervousness. I also had a few times where condoms slipped off while I was hard.

“My wife does it in regular life, and doesn’t even realise it. One day I wore a clingy swim suit to the pool, and my wife told me that I needed to wear a speedo underneath it because it was “sucked onto your little bump and I could see everything.


“One day I shaved all of my pubes off. I was standing in the bathroom naked, flaccid, getting ready for work. My wife came up, picked up my penis with her thumb and index finger and laughed, then told me that I looked like I a little boy.”

“At the time, I would be really upset about her saying or doing that, but then I would think about it more and it would turn me on.”

Marc is now open with is wife about his SPH fetish and they two use it to get off under the covers.

“A typical fuck session for us involves a lot of oral and fingering, and she tries to be as vocal as she can be about my “little dick”.

Sounds like a match made in heaven.

“Small penis humiliation fits in a larger scheme of dominance/submission.”

Another man, referred to as ‘Newlyweds’ in the article, also explains why he finds it so satisfying:

“A satisfying experience could honestly either end with my penis being shown and normal sexual acts happening, or a shocked reaction then normal sexual acts happening, or a shocked reaction and getting rejected,” he says.

“Most SPH porn depicts the “outright rejection” as the end-all, be-all, being able to get off in the situation certainly doesn’t hurt. (To me) a satisfying experience is getting a woman’s honest reaction to my penis. It’s always kind of a let down or kind a mood killer when you can tell she’s faking about you being small.”

I’m running out of synonyms here, what’s the the best way to describe your penis?


Mark has no problem referring to his penis as a “boy dick” or “little dick”, in fact he gets off on it.

“I love it when my penis is thought of as being useless for my partner’s needs,” he says.

Another man prefers to use clinical terms to describe his genitals, like “micropenis”, shaft, erect and flaccid, “no real cutesy phrases.”

Finally, what on earth is the “toilet paper roll test”?

Basically the ‘toilet paper roll test’ involves sticking you penis inside a used roll and seeing how it measures up.

“Although it seems a bit coarse to me to compare my size to a toilet paper roll, I have done it before,” Marc says.

“It is crazy for me to see these big guys who are spilling out of it, because I barely fill it when hard.”

A man who goes under the name ‘Cowboy Jim’, on the other hand, admits to having never done it.

“Never did the TP test. Knew I would fail and for some reason it kind of grosses me out, but I guess I would get over that if the right person was asking. (For the record I debated about putting a smiley face here.)

So I guess that’s about the not-so-long and the short of it.

These particular men enjoy normal, active sex lives despite (or perhaps because of) their tiny packages.

Truly, it’s a weird and wonderful world.

What would you like to ask them?

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