Mia Freedman goes in for the chop, the iconic 'Sliding Doors' chop.



If you were, say, 15 or older in the late 1990s, the words ‘Sliding Doors haircut’ probably mean something to you.

Here’s a quick refresher: in one of the movie’s parallel storylines, Helen (Gwyneth Paltrow, of course) turfs out her cheating boyfriend and chops off her long, dark hair into a short, voluminous, textured gamine crop. Oh, and dyes it blonde.

Yes, THIS haircut.

Last week, our founder Mia Freedman did a Gwyneth and got herself a Sliding Doors cut, minus the colour change.

After a year with bobs of varying lengths, this is Mia’s most dramatic hair change to date — and we were there to capture the action at Edwards and Co in Sydney.