Research finds (a lucky lucky lucky) 37% of women enjoy sleep orgasms.

Have you ever had a really good dream and woken up after, ahem, getting all the way to the finishing point? It’s not the worst way to start the day… much better than being roused by a toddler who is trying to pry your eyelids open.

If this has happened to you, you are one of 37 per cent of women who are able to climax while they are asleep.

And we thought wet dreams were for boys only.

Keep calm and think of a Hemsworth brother. Image via iStock.

Sleepgasms, nocturnal orgasms, call them what you will. Researchers at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction found that over one in three women experience orgasms in their sleep by the time they turn 45.


With men, the occurrence of this is a lot higher - around about 90 percent. But the dreams with happy endings that plague their teenage years and early twenties occur less and less as they get older.

The good news for women is that the incidence of kinky dreams actually increases as you age. As our experience and ability to orgasm builds, so too does the likelihood of a girly good time while you are resting. So if you have never experienced this phenomenon - cross your fingers (and your legs) and keep thinking sexy thoughts.

Wondering how to bring on a dream-gasm? The answer, according to science, is to impose a sex drought. Starving your body of freaky time will frustrate your brain and incite it to do some 'dirty work' for itself. Apparently coming up with some mental scenarios before you drift off that involve Chris Hemsworth, satin sheets and a blindfold will help you on your way.

Sweet dreams...

With sleep orgasms, there is no need for digital stimulation but scientists do recommend that you sleep on your front, for obvious reasons.

What's somewhat disturbing about the research surrounding sleep orgasms is that findings also show that only half of married women are able to climax regularly during actual sex.

Only HALF of women climax regularly during sex.


So for some women, a 'hands freebie' spontaneous sleep orgasm is more likely than getting results out of doing the deed itself.

That's a major bummer, particularly if you are married to Mr Horny McHornDog.

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Women are prevented from climaxing due to a combination of reasons, not just an... er... inattentive partner.

The more common problem is that women aren't able to 'switch off' during sex.

Orgasm is complicated - your mind needs to be clear, your nerves sensitive. Women in particular need to be stimulated emotionally as well as physically for it to happen. If we can't relax and focus on the good bits we won't reach our happy place during a horizontal tango.

The advice if you're one of the 37 percent who 'dream happy'? Enjoy it... and maybe put a lock on your bedroom door.

Have you ever experienced a sleep orgasm?