Parents can now find out exactly how much sleep they've lost since having kids. Oh dear...

I’m not a parent. And I’d never assume to know the unique pain of being kept awake all night every night by a loud noise that’s not my laptop.

But I’ve heard of parents doing some whacky things when sleep deprivation kicks in. I’ve got the science to prove it.

Research shows one in four sleep deprived parents have put their mobiles in the fridge and one in nine have cradled the cat while thinking it’s their baby…

… 20 per cent have also put breast milk in their coffee, and 33 per cent have left the house wearing odd shoes.

Image: Giphy.

So yes, it's safe to say the poor parents of the world are losing sleep over raising their dear children. But have you ever wondered exactly how much - down to the hour?

Because it's 2017, there's now a website to calculate exactly how many hours you've lost since the moment you first assumed responsibility of a small human.


It's called The Lost Sleep Calculator, and you'll have a lot of fun with it.

HOLY MOLY. (Image: The Sleep Calculator)

Simply enter in the age of your child or children, press a button and hey there presto, you've got the *precise* amount of sleep you've lost summed up in years, months, days and hours.

As to what one could do with such information? The world is your oyster.

Now, we should mention we're not quite sure how this is calculated, but we won't dispute it.

Because nothing compares to the wrath of a sleep deprived parent.

How much sleep have you lost since becoming a parent?