He’s worth $2.6B. But the Skype co-founder wants his $471k engagement ring back, OK?

Skype co-founder engagement ring

This is definitely just about the ring and not about some kind of revenge. Definitely.

If an engagement is broken off, it’s not usually a great sign.

But for Skype co-founder Janus Friis and his ex-fiancee/singer/popstar Maria Louise Joensen, it seems much, much worse than usual.

This is because Friis gave Joensen a very expensive ring that he is now suing her to get back.

Worth a neat $471,000 U.S, Friis has also requested various other gifts given that came to the amount of $1 million. Which, for a man worth $2.6 billion, seems very important he get back all that money IMMEDIATELY.

Skype co-founder engagement ring
Janus Friis and Maria Louise Joensen. Source: Facebook and Getty Images

Apparently, the ring was a “950 Platinum band inset with a number of diamonds, including a 1.76 ct round brilliant cut diamond — D color, internally flawless, excellent symmetry and cut grade” according to TMZ.

Unfortunately though, we weren’t able to source a picture of said ring.


But we were able to find other, allegedly similarly priced rings on the fingers of some celebrities.

The first is on Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife, Sophie Hunter. This monster is allegedly worth $460,000 U.S.

Skype co-founder engagement ring
Sophie Hunter’s ring. Source: Getty Images

Or what about Reese Witherspoon’s giant ring worth $450,000 from now husband Jim Toth.

Skype co-founder engagement ring
Woah, huge! Source: Getty Images

OR, Miranda Kerr’s dazzler that she got from now ex-husband Orlando Bloom for $450,000.

Skype co-founder engagement ring
Blinding! Source: Getty Images

OK so you can’t reeeeally see any of them, in fact they look kind of small. Which is very disappointing for an (alleged) $450,000-$460,000 price tag.

BUT, much more impressively, this giant blue ring in Canada known as Travelling Light (but really just referred to as locals as “Giant Blue Ring”) is also $470,000 in Canada.


It’s so important it even has its own Twitter account!

So there you go. Now we can properly understand Friis’ grief in seeing the $471,000 ring leave his sight.


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