An awkward slip of the tongue derailed this newsreader's very serious interview.

There’s having a bad day at work, and then there’s having a day so monumentally bad it gets broadcast around the world, the latter of which Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge is currently experiencing.

Presenting her weekly Sophy Ridge on Sunday show last weekend the UK broadcaster has found herself the butt of international jokes after she made a major mispronunciation when introducing her next guest.

Sophy Ridge is not going to live this one down anytime soon. Source: Twitter.

"We're live from the Glasgow Science Centre," Ridge begins before saying, "joining us in our studio now is the leader of Scottish labia... labour, sorry, Kezia Dugdale."

It hurts to read, it hurts to watch, but mostly, it just hurts Kezia Dugdale.

Kezia Dugdale is not okay with the slip of tongue. Source: Twitter.

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