Hey, Netflix junkies: Watching back-to-back episodes just got even more seamless.

Netflix has introduced a “skip opening credits” button for certain shows. It’s a game changer in the binge-watching-an-entire-season-in-one-day stakes.

Spokesperson for Netflix Smita Saran told CNNMoney on Friday that some Netflix members have started seeing the “Skip Intro” option while streaming, but provided no other details.

For example; we don’t know when it first appeared; for which shows it’s available for; and for how long it’s here to stay.

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Saram said it’s one of the “hundreds” of split tests the company conducts each year to evaluate how to best improve user experience.

“We’re looking at what does or doesn’t enhance the viewing experience,” Saran said.

The option is reportedly available for both House of Cards and Marvel’s latest series Iron Fist.

Predictably, the public response has been over-the-moon.


All of a sudden, watching 11 episodes of Gilmore Girls back-to-back has become even more achievable without 11 re-runs of the theme song Where You Lead. (Sorry-not-sorry, Carole King!)

As if we needed any more encouragement…

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