“My face felt hydrated and looked smoother instantly.” 13 women test Skinstitut’s Expert Reset Skin-Firming Peptide Serum.

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Is there anything a good serum can't fix?         

I honestly think not. 

I don't know about you, but when I feel like I need a pep up, I put a delicious serum on my face. I'm instantly relaxed, and I know the serum is doing something (serums being the hardest workers of our beauty collections.)

This year has been rough, and if you're anything like me: your skin might also be feeling it too. 

Dull. Dry. Uneven skin tone. Some cheeky fine lines have also entered the chat.

You can imagine how our ears pricked up when we saw Australian cosmeceutical skincare brand Skinstitut recently launch their Expert range: their new advanced performance products promising to refine the signs of premature ageing. It was formulated alongside and backed by their Medical Advisory Council, made up of leading Australian dermatologists and skin specialists. 

Well, consider your anti-ageing skincare prayers answered.

Their signature Firma-Peptide Complex coaxes the skin into self-improvement mode, boosting collagen and elastin reserves into action, and plumping and softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Plus the range is filled with anti-inflammatory antioxidants, like niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Panthenol (Vitamin B5), native Kakadu Plum, and moisture-attracting Hyaluronic Acid: basically a beauty lover's checklist for hydration heaven (and smooth, firm results.)

The Mamamia team always has love heart eyes for a serum, so we wanted the lowdown on Skinstitut's Expert Reset Skin-Firming Peptide Serum first. It promises to lift and hydrate your skin to become smoother and more resilient, and is clinically proven to improve skin firmness and elasticity. Sounds almost too good to be true.


We had to know if the product really delivers on the hype, so we asked 50 women on our Mamamia You Beauty Panel to trial the Expert Reset Skin-Firming Peptide Serum for themselves, and report back on their honest thoughts.


  • 91% of women said they'd recommend this product.
  • 82% would purchase again.
  • 75% agreed their skin was firmer after use.

Here's exactly what some of them had to say.

Brooke, 36: “My skin feels great and it sits well under makeup." 

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“The serum feels smoothing and hydrating on the skin. Even 12 hours later my skin feels great and it sits well under makeup. I LOVE it is an Aussie brand and cruelty-free. 

"My skin doesn’t like heaps of layers and too many different products. I like a good all-rounder serum and I believe this is it!”

Angie, 43: “This is a brilliant product.”

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“This is a brilliant product! I've just recovered from perioral dermatitis and was looking to introduce gentle actives to my skin especially around the affected areas.


"It's lightweight, and lovely to spread and apply. There was no sticky feeling after the application and my moisturiser sank in well.”

Mary-Jane, 44: “The fine lines around my eyes have softened."

“The product looks lovely, it comes in a nice easy-to-use pump pack which helps with minimal waste. The texture of the product is nice, not oily or runny. 

"I used it twice a day morning and night. After a week of everyday use I began to see results, the fine lines around my eyes have softened and lifted my brow line."

Angela, 40: “It gave me smooth skin!”


“I love this product. I was surprised that in just 3 weeks of use it gave me smooth skin! 

"I like the silky texture of the serum and the immediate smoothening effect on my skin. My very fine lines and pores look blurred after using it. 

"The pump works nicely and once the serum is on the face, it’s very easy to spread out. My skin then absorbed it right away.”

Kimberley, 43: “You immediately have soft-feeling skin.”

“This product is great, I loved it at first try. You immediately have soft-feeling skin. 

"I have very allergic sensitive skin and I was very happy as I had absolutely no irritation. After first application my skin felt so soft.”

Fiona, 49: “Feels juicy and hydrating.”

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“It was a beautiful sensory experience on every application. It is definitely going to be a permanent step in my skincare regime and it’s something that I’ll be purchasing again.

"The consistency was light but didn’t run off my fingers before I could apply it. The serum glides on smoothly and feels juicy and hydrating. 

"It leaves my skin looking dewy and feeling plumped, and my skin tone looks more even. It is also great for layering under sunscreen and makeup.”

Candice, 46: “The perfect addition to my morning routine.”

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“The creamy consistency of the product was like heaven to my dry face. It absorbs like a dream. It’s the perfect addition to my morning routine. Plus, the packaging fits easily in the bathroom cabinet and the pump pack is effortless.”

Annie, 36: “Absolutely glorious.”

“Absolutely glorious product. The silky texture, the light scent, the way it absorbs seamlessly into the skin. All glorious! 

"Each application, I just used two pumps of heaven! I used this once a day in the morning and it glides into the skin after my mist. It sat really well underneath my moisturiser and didn’t pill. A huge win in my book.”

Emily, 39: “I love the feel and the fragrance.”

“I love the feel and the fragrance. It’s an easy first step in my routine and my makeup sat beautifully on top. 

"I loved how quickly it absorbed into my skin. It didn’t require time to wait before applying moisturiser.”

Angela, 41: “I definitely noticed a reduction in my crow's feet.”

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“Amazing. I felt very hydrated and nourished after using the product. It felt cooling and calming as soon as I put it on, especially in conjunction with my actives. 

"Loved the texture of the product too, it felt rich and luxurious. I definitely noticed a reduction in my crow's feet.”

Tanya, 39: “My skin seems to be plumper and more radiant.”

“The product was so easy to use that it didn’t feel like a hassle adding it to my current skin care routine. I loved that some of the fine lines around my eyes appear to not be as noticeable. My skin seems to be plumper and more radiant.” 

Donna, 39: “My face felt hydrated and looked smoother instantly.”

“My face felt hydrated and looked smoother instantly. The serum was a cream texture, and has a nice light scent that absorbed quickly into my skin. I really liked the feel of the serum and it was very easy to use with my current skin care.”

Louisa, 38: “Feeling really glowy and hydrated.”

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“Love this product! I’ve always been a fan of Skinstitut products but I really loved the feel and experience with this. 

It’s such a lightweight serum with a beautiful fresh and subtle fragrance. The serum absorbed so well into my skin and left it feeling really glowy and hydrated. Could definitely feel improvements in my skin firmness and texture.” 

Convinced you need to try it for yourself? Check out Skinstitut's Expert Reset Skin-Firming Peptide Serum here.

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Founded in 2008, Skinstitut is the Australian industry leader in affordable, high-performance cosmeceutical skincare. Constantly inspired by the innovation and technology of professional skin treatments, we hero active ingredients, advanced delivery systems, and stable, skin-syncing formulations to deliver transformative results.