Here's what all your favourite Skins characters are doing now.

When Skins first burst onto our screens 10 years ago it perfectly encapsulated what life was like for teenagers in 2007.

It dealt with all the usual stuff like sex, drugs, and acne, but it also covered some heavier topics like suicide, eating disorders, teenage pregnancy and homelessness.

The gritty British TV series also launched the careers of some of our favourite actors. Here’s a rundown of what some of the most popular Skins actors are up to now:

Dev Patel

After Dev Patel left Skins at the end of season two, he landed his breakout role in Slumdog Millionaire. He then took on a range of supporting roles before completely Longbottoming it and being adopted by Nicole Kidman in Lion.

Did I mention that he’s smokin’ hot now?

skins cast
Image via E4 and Universal Pictures.

Nicholas Hoult

Before Skins Nicholas Hoult was known for his role in About A Boy and those... those eyebrows.

After Skins, Hoult has starred in a bunch of Hollywood blockbusters including X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, Jack the Giant Slayer, Warm Bodies, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Oh, and he also briefly dated Jennifer Lawrence.

Image vi E4 and Getty.

Hannah Murray

In the first two seasons of Skins she played Cassie, a teen dealing with an eating disorder and depression. And in HBO's Game of Thrones, Hannah Murray has taken on the role of Gilly, the daughter and wife of Craster (um, what) and the love interest of Sam Tarly.

Image via E4 and HBO.

Daniel Kaluuya

Danial Kaluuya had a minor role in the first few seasons of Skins as Posh Kenneth. He also wrote a couple of the episodes and hosted the Skins podcast, Skinscast.

This year he played Chris Washington in the blockbuster horror film, Get Out.

skins cast
Image via E4 and Universal Studios.

Jack O'Connell

Remember James Cook from Season 2? He got his big break after Skins when Angelina Jolie cast him as war hero POW Louie Zamperini in Unbroken. He's also had roles in Money Monster, '71 and Starred Up.

skins cast
Image via E4 and Getty.

Kaya Scodelario

Everyone's favourite Skins character Effie made a move to the big screen in 2014 in her role as Teresa in Maze Runner - a science fiction film that's soon to be a three-part series.


This year, she stars in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, alongside Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush.

Image via E4 and Walt Disney Pictures.

Did we miss any Skins stars that have gone on to do big things? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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